All about Full Mouth Reconstruction

All about Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Just like our physical health our oral health is also important. People do not take enough care of their teeth and consume all kinds of foods that could eventually cause tooth decay, yellowness and tooth erosion. Tooth aches can be painful and bad teeth can interfere with your living. One can have problems with chewing and bighting, if the teeth are too brittle or in case of tooth decay and swollen gums. Good oral hygiene is important in order to have good healthy teeth.

    The past decade saw various changes in dentistry. Many technological improvements have been seen that are extremely beneficial for various dental procedures.  One can truly say that miracles can now happen thanks to these dental industry advancements. No matter what the state of your teeth, there is a good chance of it getting fixed, provided you go to a good dentist and then maintain the hygiene of your teeth.

    Teeth damage can be cause due to various factors like teeth erosion due to sugary or acidic consumption, teeth loss from accidents or decay etc. Furthermore these teeth problems are not just limited to the mouth. Some people experience severe pain in the teeth and jaws which further advances to headaches and other problems. So before the problem becomes too severe, it is best to check with a dentist and figure out the best course of action and treatment.

    For people with severely damaged teeth, there is hope in the form of a procedure called Full Mouth Reconstruction. This procedure is also widely known with other names like Full mouth Restoration, Full Mouth Rehabilitation. These names are self explanatory, and the dentist works on the entire mouth due to the scale of damage. The dentist repairs, restores and rebuilds the teeth from both the jaws, upper and lower.

    Before your dentist begins the treatment, he will thoroughly examine the condition of the teeth. The dentists usually look for tooth decays, tooth erosions, brittle teeth, gum health, and the extent of damage in every tooth. X rays may also be needed depending on the severity of the condition. They well also need impressions of both your upper as well as lower teeth.  Depending on your condition the dentist will suggest restorative procedures porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns, root canal treatment, etc. Sometimes teeth need to be removed and artificial teeth might be required to take their place. In case if unhealthy gums, the dentist will opt for root planning and scaling to cure the damage.


    Esthetics plays a very important role in dentistry. It is not just enough for the teeth to be healthy and strong. The mouth is directly linked to one’s facial beauty and any errors will directly be seen. While reconstructing the mouth, the dentist has to be extremely careful and take a lot of factors into consideration. Things such as skin color, skin tone, hair color, face and jaw structure, lip structure, teeth color, play a vital role in full mouth reconstruction.

    Thanks to technological advancements today, full mouth reconstruction has become a reality. All your teeth woes can be fixed under the expertise of a good dentist. Dental procedures, after being executed, require care and maintenance. If one slips back to their old habits, then the facial reconstruction is futile as new problems will begin to crop up soon.