Dental Spa- A new advancement in Dentistry

Dental Spa- A new advancement in Dentistry

    We all have heard of spa sessions. The word Spa immediately brings to mind images of spring baths, steams, relaxing massages and burning candles, while one rests in the serenity of it all listening to smooth calming music.  But what is dental spa? This word has been floating around recently and people are curious. Will dental spa be as relaxing as a normal spa? And what does one really do at a dental spa? Let’s read an ahead to find out more.

    Like with changes in every other sector of life, dentistry to is changing and evolving.  A dentist is no longer visited, just to fix decaying tooth and to get braces. Earlier people used to associate a dental visit with sitting on an uncomfortable chair, with all tools stuck in your mouth’s furthest corners, and the dentist peeking into your open mouth while you groan in pain. But today dentistry is far moved from that image. There is much new advancement in the field of dentistry and it is now possible for your dentist to not just correct your teeth, but also your smile and your face. Dentistry is not just a medical field for teeth; aesthetics also play a huge role. Ones face and smile is directly linked with ones beauty. We all are aware of the beauty fad going around; people are willing to shell large sums of money to look and feel beautiful. Teeth are an essential component of one’s beauty and smile.

    Dental practitioners are now focusing on the entire face, to give the field of dentistry a softer image. One no longer as to associate dental appointments, with pain and torture, but it should be something people look forward to. Hence the origin of dental spas!  As the name suggests, dental spas aim to provide you and your teeth with a relaxing experience.  These dental spas provide you with expert dental procedures as well as aesthetic treatments for your teeth and face. There are mainly three types of dental spas.

    Pampering Services- These spas mainly provide hand massages, aromatherapy etc

    Therapeutic Services- These spas provide massages, facials and manicures

    Rejuvenation Spa Dentistry- These spas provide skin care treatments including acne treatments, microdermabrasion, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, botox, elos therapy etc.

    These spas are a one stop shop for all your beauty and dental needs. They offer a perfect mix of dentistry, wellness and aesthetics. One does not have to go to different places to get different treatment; it can now all be done under one roof.

    Dentistry is a medical field which is very closely associated with aesthetics. A dentist is not just responsible for the health teeth and gums, but also for the outward appearance of the teeth and mouth. After all, a smile is what people notice first and a dentist has to be able to correct ones smile. This is not as easy as it sounds, because there are a lot of procedures that needed to get a perfect smile.

    So a dental spa is the ultimate destination for someone who likes luxury, comfort, style and procedures done to their teeth. Getting your teeth done should not be a torturous process instead it should be as relaxing and comforting as other beauty treatments. Dental spas are definitively the future of dentistry.