Dental Veneers- A new way to get a flawless smile

Dental Veneers- A new way to get a flawless smile

    The field of dentistry has advanced tremendously in the last decade. Dentistry is no longer just about getting your cavities cleaned while enduring the doctor’s gaze at your teeth in an uncomfortable chair. Those days are long gone by and dental advancements have changed the way one can look.  In today’s world where people are super beauty conscious, dentistry is very closely associated with aesthetics. Teeth and smile are crucial to ones appearance. People are now going for various dental procedures to make their smile more pleasing.

    Have you wondered how all celebrities have a perfect set of teeth, perfectly aligned and bright white! Well, chances are that they are using dental veneers. This is a new trend in the dental industry and has found love and acceptance by many. And why not?! This can make your teeth look perfect and give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

    Veneers are basically super thin shells that are fixed to the front of all your teeth. They are similar to fake nails. The front enamel of your teeth will be removed to an extent and the veneers are placed in front of it. At the end of the procedure, veneers appear just like your regular teeth Veneers are often used in cases of teeth discoloration, broken or chipped teeth, uneven or misaligned teeth etc. Veneers can also fix gaps between the teeth. Veneers help in solving all these issues and give you a good set of flawless looking, perfectly aligned teeth.

    Veneers are made of two different materials. One can get either porcelain veneers or composite veneers. They better choice are the porcelain veneers. They are much stronger and durable and do not get stained easily. The life of a porcelain veneer, if taken care of properly is up to 25 years! That is a really long time.

    Apart from basic oral hygiene, Veneers don’t require any extra special care. Brushing and flossing is essential for any teeth to remain clean and hygienic.

    As with most things, there are certain disadvantages to veneers as well and caution must be taken. Apart from being pretty expensive, it is essential to note that veneers can’t be fixed if they chip off. In such cases the veneer has to be taken off and a new one has to be put. Since a part of your enamel has be taken off to make place for the veneer, this process cannot be reversed, which means that, if you feel like taking off the veneers and going back to your natural teeth, then you cannot do so. Veneers can easily chip off if biting hard food. If a veneer chips off then there is a huge risk of tooth decay which might not be noticeable to your eye. So in cases of veneers caution must be exercised one has to immediately replace the veneer, to avoid future complications.

    Depending on your condition, the advantages of veneers mainly outweigh the disadvantages.  Veneers if done right, can drastically improve the looks of one’s face. This might be a good thing for people whose looks are of a priority for their profession, like actors, models, hosts, YouTube artists etc. Veneers have definitely been one of the best cosmetic advancements of recent times.