Let’s get to Know about Smile Makeover

    Well, we all have heard about makeovers. One can see tons of TV programs that transform an ugly duckling to a gorgeous swan, with good makeup, styling and some confidence. And sometimes we so wish we could get one and transform our looks. The makeover fad has caught on so much that many brands and companies, launch their products and sometimes themselves, with interesting makeover schemes. And of course they receive a good crowd in-pour. After all, who doesn’t want to look better?!

    Just like in other areas of fashion and healthcare, there are various trends in dentistry that help a person feel good and better about themselves. Welcome to cosmetic dentistry. We all know the importance of smile to our overall personality and beauty. How often do we hear people compliment others by saying “You have a good smile”! Smile is important and is deeply linked to our facial beauty and overall personality. A good smile lights up a person’s face and instantly makes them look pleasant, beautiful and often makes them very likable.

    The recent decade has seen tremendous changes in dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry.  So if you think that your smile needs some fixing, it can be done. Smile makeover, will fix all the dental issues your have and your smile will look natural and perfect.

    Before changing one’s smile, a lot of factors are taken into consideration by the dentist. Facial structure, skin color and tone, hair color, the structure of your teeth that also include your teeth color, teeth length, shape, display of gums and overall teeth health  etc. are looked at carefully and to create the right smile for your face. If you have certain issues with your smile and want particular changes, make your concerns and opinions known to your cosmetic dentist.  Smile corrections can be customized according to your wants and incorporating the cosmetic dentist’s expert opinion.

    In order to get a smile makeover, one has to go through a couple of dental procedures, depending on the current state of your teeth and what your final aim is.  As said before, a smile can be customized as per your liking, but also make sure you take the opinion of your cosmetic dentist seriously. Some things that are a frequent part of smile makeover are teeth whitening, teeth alignment and spacing, cosmetic bonding of teeth, re-contouring and so on.  Stained or yellow teeth are not a pleasant sight and hamper your overall smile. Hence teeth whitening procedures are often done while smile correction. Also if there are any crooked or missing teeth, then they are fixed because they seriously hamper the smile. Broken or missing teeth are bonded cosmetically for better smile. If there is too much show of gums in your smile, then even that can be re-contoured to create a pleasant and perfect smile.


    Cosmetic dentistry has improved so much in the recent years and the public are taking full advantage of it. Earlier only women were known to be extremely beauty conscious, but recent trends have seen a large number of men also take advantage of cosmetic dentistry. If you think your smile needs correction, then definitely opt for dental cosmetic surgery. A smile makeover will give an instant appearance boost, not only to your face but also to your confidence.