Travel Dentistry- A new trend in Dentistry

Travel Dentistry- A new trend in Dentistry?

    Medical tourism is a getting extremely popular. It is well known that people travel to far off places to get a required procedure done. Cosmetic tourism also has been very popular. Also dental tourism is also on the rise. Some countries are more forward and advanced with certain technology and the practitioners there are better equipped to handle certain dental procedures.  Countries like Mexico, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Dubai, Philippines, Poland, Costa Rica and Hungary are very popular dental tourist destinations. These places are not just exotic and beautiful in their own right, their world class dental facilities make people combine their holidays with dental procedures, and sometimes people travel just for these procedures.

    The reasons for travel to other countries for dental procedures vary. Some people travel abroad so that they can get these procedures done for a cheaper cost. Others feel that there is limited expertise in their country and travelling to a place known for dentistry will help them get superior services. Whatever your reason, it is good to do a thorough research before you take the plunge. You decision should be based on the treatments required, the quality of dental treatments in your locality and the cost factor.

    Now, let’s look at some tips for travelling abroad for dentistry

    • It is crucial to decide where exactly you are going to get your dental procedure done. Do not make a hasty decision. After all it is a matter of your health and beauty, so act wisely. Look for the best practitioners. Also make sure you verify the credentials of your dentist. Since it is not your own country, you need to be careful about these things.
    • When you don’t do a dental procedure in your country, it is essential to plan ahead in case any complications arise. After you reach back to your country you must be sure that complications if any can be taken care of. It is in your best interest to speak with your local doctors beforehand about the procedures. Be in touch with a local dentist who can handle your case in case of any complication after arrival to your country.
    • Have all your dental records with you. In case of future problems or complications, your new doctor might need to look at the records to figure out your situations. Never dispose off your records; always carry them back to your country with you.
    • Before your treatment, make your dentist known of any allergies that your might have or any other major health concerns. Also get to know the procedure well and have a clear understating of their process of infection control, sterilization. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.
    • Most importantly, be wise enough to gauge if you really need the procedure to be done abroad and if it is a good option form a financial stead point. Some small procedures like fillings, whitening, root canal etc can be easily done in your area. Only major procedures can be done abroad if necessary. Also sometimes it is cheaper to do these in your hometown, compared to doing it abroad as you will be paying for flight tickets, hotel, transport etc.

    Hope this article helped you in regards to Dental Travel.