4 Reasons why Dental Implants is the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

    Dental implants have become the best solution for replacement of missing teeth. There are several reasons why dental implants are preferred to dental crowns and bridges that were used before. For several years, dental implants have been realising the dreams of patients to win back their pleasant smiles. Here are a few reasons why dental implant is the ideal solution for teeth replacements.
    1. One of the major reasons why dental implants have become the vital choice among many is the longevity and lifespan of them. When dental bridges are opted as the solution for replacing missing teeth, they will have to be replaced over a certain period of time. While dental implants will last for as long as 10 years.

    2. With dental implants, the surrounding teeth will not be affected, unlike bridges. Implants do not rely on adjacent teeth for strength and stability. This means that the neighbouring teeth need not be ground down for placing implants.

    3. An added advantage is that implants look just like natural teeth. They also function just like real tooth and don’t require any extensive maintenance or special cleaning regimen.

    4. When bridges are used, they will have to be flossed and cleaned well between the supporting crowns as well as beneath the bridge, else they can cause issues with teeth and gums. However, patients encounter lesser problems with gums or bone loss when dental implants are used.

    For the aforesaid reasons, dental implants have become the popular choice both among dentists and patients worldwide as an effective solution for teeth replacements.

    Resource Box: The author is a dentist working at Dental Implant Professionals, a leading dental care centre in Sydney. He has written various blogs and articles in regard of dental implants and dental implant treatments in Sydney.