Best Tips for a Smooth Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Removal of wisdom teeth is beneficial for patients in the long run as the procedure can eliminate problems namely tumours, infections, cysts and others. Being a surgical procedure, patients must go through a recovery period post-surgery. Appropriate self-techniques have to be followed after wisdom teeth removal surgery to prevent further complications in the future.

    1. One of the common conditions encountered by patients is dry sockets. When blood clots fail to form a protective barrier, pain can develop. To control this situation, patients may avoid using straws or give up on cigarettes until full recovery.

    2. The possibilities of infections are high after wisdom teeth removal. Oral surgeons prescribe a course of antibiotic, which when followed lets you stay protected from any sort of infections.

    3. Keeping your mouth clean after wisdom teeth extraction is essential. After surgery, do rinse your mouth gently and regularly. When you get the nod for brushing your teeth, start with gentle brushing techniques to prevent any bleeding.

    4. Age is also a dependant factor for recovery. Older people would have to go through longer recovery period after surgery. This is why most oral surgeons recommend everyone to have their wisdom teeth extracted before they hit 25.
    Following the prescribed medications suggested by oral surgeons and getting along with few lifestyle changes after wisdom teeth removal, will help you easily get through the recovery period. Oral surgeons will also help you on proper brushing and flossing techniques to be followed to prevent bleeding & infections.

    Resource Box: The author is an oral surgeon serving wisdom teeth removal treatment in Sydney at Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery for several years. It is his passion to write articles and blogs on oral health to help his followers. For more details, visit

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