Escape from the Incredible Pain of Dry Sockets after Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Among millions of people getting wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, a very small percentage of patients suffer from dry sockets. Getting a thorough understanding about dry sockets before wisdom teeth removal helps patients to prevent the formation of sockets.

    What are Dry Sockets?

    Dislodging of blood clots formed to protect the bone after wisdom teeth removal by exposing them to air, food or bacteria leads to dry sockets. When food particles or bacteria get lodged in the clots, it causes extreme pain and discomfort to the patient.


    • Pain radiating from the socket
    • Bab breath
    • Unpleasant taste


    • Drinking from a straw and smoking
    • Food particles lodging in the place of blood clots
    • Coughing, sneezing, or spitting
    • Poor oral hygiene
    • Disturbing the wound area


    • Taking anti-inflammatory medicine reduces the pain
    • Removal of food debris by the dentist
    • Applying a medicated paste over the wound area repeatedly for a few days
    • Antibiotics to prevent infection

    Tips to Prevent Dry Socket

    • Practice good oral hygiene
    • Medicated oral rinse
    • Salt water rinsing after eating to remove excess bacteria
    • Don’t touch the wound area after the surgery
    • Quit smoking for at least 48 hours after the surgery
    • Avoid foods with tiny particles that can dislodge the clot
    • Don’t take in carbonated drinks

    Moreover, getting a proper guidance from your oral surgeon before getting your wisdom teeth removed helps you to prepare effectively for the healing process and prevent dry socket effectively. To know more about oral surgery tips and wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, visit

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