Dental Implant Surgery

4 Tips for a Smooth Recovery Process after Dental Implant Surgery

    Sydney dental implants surgery comes with a high success rate of almost 99%. Experts recommend patients to follow the suggested oral hygiene routine and medications in order to settle down with the implants as soon as possible. Post the implant surgery, patients may experience a few things that are outside the normal and all that it takes to handle these effects is reliable information and alertness of the mind.

    Listed below are some of the common issues that may arise post Sydney dental implants surgery and along with the best ways to handle it.

    • Numbness around the surgical area

    It can take up to 12 hours for the numbness to wear off and this is perfectly normal. However, the patient must be careful not to bite the numb tissues. Also, as the numbness reduces, the discomfort around the surgical area becomes more prominent. Dentist-recommended pain killers can be taken to feel more comfortable.

    • The healing abutment may loosen

    After the tooth implants Sydney surgery, a small cylinder-like structure is seen protruding out of the gums. This metal structure is called the healing abutment and in some cases it may loosen and wear off. However, the loosening of the healing abutment is not an emergency situation and the patient can save the abutment and later call the dentist to learn about the next steps. Care must be taken to ensure that the patient does not swallow the metal cylinder.

    • Bleeding after the surgery

    Mild bleeding and redness in saliva are normal for up to 2 days after dental implant surgery.  To control bleeding, clean the affected area gently by wiping it and replace the gauze. Bite firmly on the gauze for about 30 minutes and this should take care of the bleeding. Moistened tea bags can also be used in the place of the gauze. If excessive bleeding continues for a prolonged period then you must consult your dentist without delay.

    • Swelling that increases two days post-surgery

    Swelling and stiff jaws are common after any kind of dental procedure and can take even up to a week to subside. However, one must note that the swelling reaches its maximum level on the 2nd or the 3rd day and there is no reason to be alarmed. Simply use a bag of frozen peas or an ice bag to bring down the swelling. Generally, swelling as well as oral discomfort exists for a few days after the surgery and this is considered absolutely normal. However, any sudden increase in pain or swelling can be a red flag.

    For safe dental implants Sydney and a smooth recovery process find a reliable dental care centre that you can always trust.

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