What is The Average Price for Dental Implants in Sydney? Discuss Now!

    Hope you all well aware about the importance of having dental implants…right? But, what about the pricing factors for having dental implants?  Have no idea! If you’re looking for further clarifications regarding dental implants pricing, read this guide! As long as, you continue reading, you will also find the best ways to save more money on dental implants cost in Sydney. Come on, let us discuss… We will start with the different types of dental implants and their pricing.

    Single Tooth Implant


    A single tooth implant costs average $1,000-3,000 and the cost of abutment adds $500, so the total costs of single tooth implant is approx. $1500 in total. This estimate includes the cost of initial consultation but the cost may be even higher in certain cases (Depends on your oral health)

    Multiple Tooth Implant


    Multiple dental implants are the right option for patients who were missing more one tooth. This type of dental implant cost $3000 – $30,000 or more and it depends on the number of missing teeth. Location of missing teeth, healthy gum line and nature of jaw bone plays an important role in determining the cost of getting multiple dental implants.

    Implant Supported Dentures


    A full set of implant supported dentures costs $7,000- $20,000 with an average costs of $34,000 including initial consultation, X-rays etc. Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures doesn’t need adhesives to stay stable. This feature makes a great option for those who are missing several teeth in a row.

    Other Associated Costs,


    Apart from the above mentioned pricing factors, there are few of the other associated costs, i.e. Most of the dental treatments come with the costs of X-rays ($25-250), or various forms of anesthesia ($50 to $500 per hour). If tooth extraction is required to place dental implants, $50-900 can be added to the total cost.

    And now, it’s the time to learn the tips to reduce the cost of dental implant.


    Look for deals and discounts! Usually, dental implant specialists in Sydney provide special deals and discounts to new customers, so you must look around for those deals before making an appointment. These deals will often help you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pocket.

    Make use of dental insurances! You need to ensure that you go to an implant specialist who accepts dental insurance and who is approved by your insurance agency.

    Look for financing options! Many dental Implant specialists offer their patients various financing options that help them to spread the cost of their dental treatment out.

    Following the above points will definitely help you to save more in your pocket while availing effective dental implant treatment.

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