Health Risks of Dental Crowns and Tips for Prevention

    What is the reason to use dental crown? What are the risks involved in the dental crown? Is this your question!? In this article, we’ll give you a glance on dental crowns, why is it used and the risk involved in it. First, let’s see what dental crown is, according to a dentist in Blacktown. A dental crown is a prosthetic device that used to restore the shape and appearance of your tooth. It is an artificial restoration that serves as a “cap” for the damaged and decayed tooth. Few of the benefits of having dental crown are listed below,

    • Fortify your tooth against further issues and prevent sensitivity
    • They enhance the appearance of your teeth.
    • They typically last many years.
    • Best possible protection to a heavily broken tooth.
    • Improve the colour and shape of the tooth.
    • Help a patient speak confidently, in a relaxed tone.

    With all these benefits, dental crown is considered as a ‘helmet for the teeth’ from this information; we hope you come to know what the importance of dental crown is.

    Health Risks of Dental Crowns and Recovery Tips:

    Here are the top two chances of risks involved after getting dental crown,

    1) Gum disease

    2) Risk involves in Root Canal Area

    Gum Disease

    There is a 50 % chance of getting gum disease after dental crown treatment.

    The leading cause of gum disease is the absence of brushing and flossing routine. Having dental crown makes it more difficult for an edentulous patient to clean their teeth, and this acts as a refuge for bacteria, which, in turn, can cause gum tissue inflammation. Eventually, it leads to gum disease.

    Risk involves in Root Canal Area

    If the crown doesn’t place properly, there may be a chance of getting root canal failure, and it affects the oral health too. In such case of a failed root canal, the possibility of re-treatment will succeed from 50% to 75% at best, so maintain the restoration with flawless hygiene and regular dental check-up. This is a great way to save your tooth that can last a lifetime.

    Follow-Up, How to Avoid Health Risks of Dental Crowns

    To avoid the health risk of dental crown

    Choose the right dentist, who is a specialist in dental crown treatment with good experience.

    • Select the right materials, which include the colour and shape.
    • Be careful while eating too hot or cold foods and try to avoid hard & sticky foods.
    • Follow the instructions of your dentist and go for regular check-up.
    • Use a toothbrush particularly designed to clean the areas that are hard to reach.
    • Schedule regular check-ups.

    These tips can help prevent gingivitis and other oral diseases, so take care of your mouth and ensure good oral hygiene.

    Bottom Line

    If you’re looking forward to dental crown treatment and worrying about the risk associated with it, do more research and find a Blacktown dentist who takes care of your teeth and gives you solution for any problem encountered. Good Luck!


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