5 Hygienic After-care Tips for Dental Implants

    When you get dental implants, it is extremely important that you observe proper oral care before, during, and after you get it. This is primarily because you always want to get the best healing results. When you get dental implants, the spots where they are placed are at high risks of getting plaques that can lead to gingivitis, bleeding gums, and other mouth conditions. When this happens, the healing of your dental implants takes a lot longer and it could possibly have a negative effect on the whole procedure.

    So, always listen to your dentist Parramatta. Take note of the tips that they give you to ensure that healing your dental implants will have no complications. Here are a few tips that you should know.

    Use a Brush Made with Soft Nylon

    It is recommended that you brush your teeth after getting a dental implant at least twice every day. But, take note that you should use a toothbrush that is made with soft nylon. After a dental implant procedure, your gums become sensitive so you need to be gentle with it, especially around the implants and crowns.

    Stay away from interdental brushes that have metal wires as this could scratch the implants and will make healing difficult. You can ask the Parramatta dentist if they offer a specific toothbrush to use for dental implants aftercare. Additionally, when brushing, pay extra attention to the crevices.

    Stay Away from Dental Products and Toothpaste that Are Abrasive

    Stick with toothpaste or dental products created for sensitive teeth. This will eliminate any discomfort when brushing and it will avoid abrasions to your gums and teeth. Make a mental note to avoid products with strong ingredients like mint. It will only cause an intense feeling after and will feel really uncomfortable.

    Floss Daily

    There is already a wide range of dental floss varieties available in the market today. Choosing the right one to use after a dental implant can be quite confusing. So, ask the dental clinic Parramatta for a recommendation.

    It is important that you floss daily so that you can avoid plaque from accumulating around the area where the implant is placed.

    Use Oral Irrigators

    Aside from flossing, it also helps to use oral irrigators to further reduce the accumulation of plaque. Just make sure that the oral irrigator you use is safe and actually effective for dental implants. After the procedure, this should be one of the things that you should ask your dentist.

    Gum Stimulators

    As we have said above, the gums become sensitive after a dental implant procedure. So, it is important that you ask your dentist Parramatta for the right gum stimulator to help your gums regain its natural state. The most effective gum stimulators can strengthen the gum tissues by increasing the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the area where the dental implant is placed. Moreover, it also massages the gums to reduce the chances of excessive bleeding and inflammation.

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