Know the Types of Materials Deployed In the Making of the Dental Implants

    A study reveals that almost half (46%) of the Australians would like to change their teeth appearance, given the chance of altering any facial features. To enhance the appearance of your teeth dental implants Parramatta play a significant role. Dentist Parramatta suggests the dental implants if you have an injured or a missing tooth. Generally, patients would have doubts regarding the materials used in the making of the dental implants. So in this blog, we will see in details the different types of materials employed in the fabrication of the dental implants.

    Dental implants

    Dental implants Parramatta is a reliable method and comes to your rescue to restore your missing or injured teeth. These days you could find advancement in the dental implant procedure and so is in the evolution in the type of materials deployed in the making of these implants. The following are the parts of a dental implant,

    • Crown – This is part is visible to us that resembles a tooth.
    • Abutment – This is the connector, which connects the crown to the base. The connector is usually in the form of hexagon or octagon.
    • Core – this is in the form of a screw, which fuses with the jaw bone. Core is the vital part of the dental implant, on which lies the success of the implant procedure.

    Based on the material deployed for the dental implants, the dental implants cost Parramatta varies.

    Best Material for the Dental Implants

    Based on the extensive research on how the physical and chemical properties of the materials used in the implant, influenced the outcome of the implant procedure, the best materials for implant fabrication is categorised. The features for an ideal implant include surface composition, the microstructure of an implant, biocompatible and resistant to both corrosion and fracture. The materials used in the fabrication of a dental implant are as follows,

    • Titanium And Titanium Alloy Dental Implants

    Titanium and titanium alloy dental implants have been used since decades in the dentistry field. The properties of titanium include the highest strength to density ratio when compared with any other metals, safe examination under any X-ray or MRI, long durability and many more. The implants made of titanium allow easy Osseo-integration, i.e. easily fuse with the bone and increases the rate of healing.

    • Zirconia Or Ceramic Dental Implants

    Zirconia dental implants are the latest invention in the dentistry. This implant comes as a single piece, which creates no room for error during the implant procedure and no occurrence of infection post-operatively. Patients with metal allergies can opt for zirconia implants. Zirconia implants can also easily get integrated with your jaw bone similar to the titanium implant. The properties of zirconia include zero corrosion, thermally non- conductive and many more. The ceramic implants give you more aesthetically pleasing features.

    Both the titanium and zirconium implants are biocompatible and, FDA approved materials, as they are non-toxic and are biocompatible. Even though a few titanium seeps into the blood, it won’t cause any significant adverse effect, while zirconia is hypoallergenic and do not drain into your bloodstream.

    Thus choose the dental implant that suits you and improves your facial features aesthetically.

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