What After Wisdom Teeth Removal

What After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    Don’t panic if your dentist suggests you to take off your wisdom teeth. You will be as wise after the extraction as you were before. These third molars when they grow will affect your oral health, so having them removed is a smart decision you can make. The third set of molars is also the final set of teeth that develop in human life. You must play safe following the aftercare tips your dentist suggest to experience proper healing and a faster recovery phase.

    Why Aftercares Post wisdom teeth removal Sydney Important?

    Dentists have been removing wisdom teeth for many decades. Besides some temporary swelling and bleeding, most patients experience a quick recovery.

    The only thing you must concern during wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is the development of a dry socket.  Dry socket develops when the newly formed blood clot dislodges exposing the nerve endings and jawbone. A dry socket may lead to bad breath and other severe complications to the exposed structures. But it is the most common and a preventable surgical complications post surgery. This is why proper aftercare is a must after undergoing affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney.

    How to take care of Yourself Post Removing wisdom teeth removal Sydney?

    The experience of having the wisdom teeth pulled off may differ from patient to patient. It completely depends on how stressful you are about the procedure and how well your body heals with the surgical wounds. There are ways to minimise the slight discomfort and to promote the healing rate after the wisdom teeth removal.


    Gargling with salt water is one of the easiest ways to promote faster healing. It also helps reduce pain. Generally, the dentist will suggest to gently bathe the surgical area with salt water to reduce bacterial build-up. Salt is a nature’s nation painkiller.

    Antiseptic Mouthwash:

    Your dentist will prescribe you an antiseptic mouthwash after wisdom teeth removal. Again, it is important that you should use only the prescribed mouthwash. The antiseptic mouthwash will kill any bacteria that may result in infection. You should use it gently because vigorous mouth washing can dissolve blood clots in the surgical area.


    Though you will not feel any intense pain post surgery, the dentist will prescribe you with painkillers to help manage the slight pain. It is vital to take the medications on a regular basis as how your dentist suggests.

    Watch Your Diet:

    It is vital to watch what you eat after the surgery. Take your food as soon as you feel comfortable to do so. Taking good nutritious food is one of the key ways to help promote fast healing. Take soft foods like scrambled eggs, yogurt or a smoothie until your health supports you taking solid foods.


    It is a must to take antibiotics post removal of wisdom teeth Sydney. Your dentist will recommend one for you. It is extremely important to finish the dosage as how your dentist prescribes. One common mistake people often make is they stop taking the medication once they start feeling better. Only for the pain and infection to get worse before it gets better! Follow the course properly.

    Hope these tips will help you recover quick!

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